Our Process

KSW proudly offers the following Mechanical Services

Conventional Design/Bid/Build

KSW prepares qualified quotes based on engineering design documents. This “Plan/Spec” approach is an industry norm.  Plan/Spec requires a complete set of design documents from the engineer, but often results in “change orders,” as the competitive process limits us to pricing only what is shown on the documents, exposing the owner to gaps in the design.

Value Engineering

Similar to Plan/Spec, value engineering begins with a complete set of design documents. With owner permission, KSW evaluates the design and provides alternative cost-effective solutions. When KSW provides this service, we assume all responsibility for scope gaps. This eliminates internal change orders, so the only changes would be owner-driven.


KSW partners with leading design firms to present comprehensive solutions for mechanical installations at any scale. This approach places total design and installation responsibility (technically and financially) with KSW. The Design/Build process is popular globally, and in most U.S. cities.  This approach is being used more and more by clients in New York City.

Trade Management

KSW originally pioneered the use of Trade Management over 30 years ago. This is our most effective tool to guarantee financially efficient solutions. KSW works closely with Design Engineers and clients during the early design phase, providing cost estimates, installation guidance, and alternative design solutions. We determine the best way to separate bid packages, taking advantage of subcontractors’ capacity limitations and maximizing opportunities for MBE and WBE subcontractors.  Concurrently, we provide field supervision and quality control – effectively guaranteeing top quality project delivery.

Designing, installing & maintaining HVAC systems in some of the most prestigious buildings in NYC