KSW Mechanical: Designing and installing commercial HVAC systems for over 40 years

KSW Mechanical LLC is an industry leader in the design, installation, and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) for large-scale commercial and residential buildings.


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Working with some of New York City’s most prestigious companies, our collaborative, detail-oriented approach ensures alignment with client needs and strict adherence to budgets. Our unique approach to partnering with our customer allows us to install top quality systems on time, within budget.

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Mt Sinai South Nassau

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Delta Airlines at LaGuardia

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ARcher towers

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We are New York City’s leading experts in large-scale HVAC systems installation

KSW brings mechanical and industrial installation expertise together to successfully fulfil high-level HVAC projects in New York City.  We strive for excellence by carefully vetting our subcontractors, drawing on in-house expertise, and working collaboratively with clients. We are dedicated to bringing extraordinary buildings to life.


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Delivering cost-effective, high quality HVAC systems

Through our proprietary applications of Trade Management, Value Engineering, and Design / Build services, KSW approaches projects from the perspective of the end user.

We evaluate final cost and installation efficiency – ease of operation, maintenance, and operating costs – in our design solutions. We work collaboratively with engineers and clients, from concept to implementation to ensure alignment between systems design and client expectations.

We usually start at the construction phase of building, but KSW can also successfully evaluate a completed design to provide alternative, economical HVAC systems solutions.

At KSW, we pride ourselves on a long, successful track record of lateral thinking, resulting in a successful project portfolio delivering quality systems on time, within budget.

Designing, installing & maintaining HVAC systems in some of the most prestigious buildings in NYC