Archer Tower – 92-33 Guy Brewer Blvd


Archer Tower – 92-33 Guy Brewer Blvd


Building details: KSW has been involved with numerous residential projects ranging from prominent, luxurious New York City developments to market rate rentals and affordable housing.

When approaching these projects, KSW evaluates the developers’ objectives (financially and product) and works with their design team to achieve those goals. End user requirements and expectations are integrated with the most economical systems possible.

Project details: KSW was contracted to install a complete, energy efficient HVAC system for Archer Tower.  The design includes a 24 million BTU Condensing Boiler Heating Plant and a 1,300 Ton Cooling Plant with variable speed pumping located at the 26th floor.  The systems are fully automated and controlled through a Central Building Management System which works efficiently 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Utility cost saving measures include the installation of energy recovery units on the rooftop.  These are capable of capturing both temperature and humidity from exhaust air systems, whereas most systems and buildings expel this form of energy.  This heat pump infrastructure enables virtually free input energy during periods of mild ambient conditions.  Over 700 Vertical Stacked Heat Pumps are being installed to condition and provide individual temperature control for each of the apartments via state-of-the-art Wi-Fi thermostats. 

Designing, installing & maintaining HVAC systems in some of the most prestigious buildings in NYC