Mt Sinai South Nassau – Central Utility Plant(CUP)


Mt Sinai South Nassau – Central Utility Plant(CUP)

Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital

Building details:  The existing central utility plant (CUP) needed to be replaced at the hospital.  KSW  installed a new 23,000-square-foot, two-story Central Utility Plant (CUP).  

Project details:  KSW furnished and installed a complete cooling/heating plant.  This plant had several benefits to the medical facility, consisting of the following:  

  • 4000 tons of ultra-high efficiency variable speed chillers and cooling towers 
  • Variable speed pumping station
  • Heat exchangers
  • 105,000 gallons of fuel oil storage and transfer systems
  • 60,000,000 BTU(total) Steam boilers along with deaerator with boiler feed water pumps
  • Surge tank with condensate transfer pumps
  • AC units
  • Electrical system upgrades

The plant was created to cover existing needs, yet with sufficient capacity to function fully in the event of future building expansion.

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