Baccarat Hotel


Baccarat Hotel

Tishman Construction Corp.

Building details:The Baccarat Hotel & Residences, located at 20 West 53rd Street, offers a total of 60 apartments. The lower floors are occupied by the hotel, while the apartments begin on the 18th floor. The skyscraper has a total of 50 stories and rises to 610 feet above street level. The development’s crystalline exterior stands true to its name, shimmering in both sunlight and shadows. The construction will also have a rooftop pavilion and club, 

Project details: KSW provided a 10,000 MBH boiler plant and an 1100t chiller plant, which was located in a rooftop mechanical room.

KSW worked with the design team to minimize equipment sizes and locate equipment to facilitate installation and access as space was limited. KSW furnished and installed ultra quiet, four (4) pipe fan coil units to provide independent and precise temperature control. We also provided full HVAC systems for amenity spaces, full commercial kitchen exhausts for the restaurants and a fire and smoke control system for Life Safety.

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