The Cortland – 555 West 22nd Street


555 West 22nd Street

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Building details: KSW has been involved with numerous residential projects ranging from prominent, luxurious New York City developments to market rate rentals and affordable housing.

When approaching these projects, KSW evaluates the developers’ objectives (financially and product) and works with their design team to achieve those goals. End user requirements and expectations are integrated with the most economical systems possible.

Project details:

  • Equipment
    • 3 Chillers
    • 4 Boilers
    • 2 Cooling tower
    • 1 free cooling PFHX
    • 4 pipe FCU serving the apartments as well as BOH & Amenities space
    • 2 RTUs & 2 AHUs providing apartments with makeup air
    • 1 RTU & 1 AHU with heat recovery supplying the corridor with tempered air

Designing, installing & maintaining HVAC systems in some of the most prestigious buildings in NYC